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Being on the same page when it comes to a writing ministry

“It is a pleasure and honor for me to introduce you to this month’s feature author, Heidi Gray McGill. What a joy it was getting to know her a little—and to discover we’re quite alike in our writing/publishing views. Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win her ebook copy of Matters of the Heart atContinue reading “Being on the same page when it comes to a writing ministry”

Slow burn Christian Historical Fiction

“When our identity comes from anything or anyone other than God, we fail. It’s in the time between when we ask and God answers that He brings to light what we value or what has become an idol.” » Read the full blog post @ Book Butterfly in Dreamland Be sure to read the entireContinue reading “Slow burn Christian Historical Fiction”

I devoured every word…

“Have you ever stepped out ahead of God’s timing? I know I have. It didn’t turn out well, but it was a lesson I needed to learn about patience.” » Read the full blog post by Deana @ Texas Book-aholic Be sure to read the entire Blogger Post to locate the giveaway link for aContinue reading “I devoured every word…”