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Discerning God’s Best Series

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“Sometimes, it’s the unexpected twists of the adventure that make it worthwhile.”

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“Trusting God through fear, trouble, and deep heartache.”

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“Will Pete be able to accept God’s will for his life, even if it means losing the woman he loves?”

You Are On The Air
(Multi-Author Series)

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As Blowing Rock, NC’s JOY Radio talk show host, Everly has discovered fulfillment, but she hasn’t found love, at least not for her—not even from her mother.

Everly Johnson is every man’s dream of the perfect date, even though her audience has never met her. As host for the EnJOYing God’s Best program on JOY Radio in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, she receives countless gifts of flowers and candy from her listeners, some callers being more ardent than others. Everly has no interest in such offerings and promptly bestows the bounty on her mother’s assisted living facility. Everly wants words–heartfelt, meaningful endearments meant for her ears only. She wants a man who will open her eyes to everything she cannot see to make her feel like she’s more than just a voice behind the microphone.

Cameron Boyd is every girl’s dream of the perfect man.  He’s intelligent, has a strong work ethic and career, lives on his own, and is downright adorable. But being an introvert can make eye contact with a pretty girl a challenge, let alone saying something coherent–unless it is the one-way conversation he has each Friday with Everly Johnson. Date night for Cam involves sitting alone on his back porch overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains while he dreams of things to say if he were ever to meet her face-to-face.

A chance meeting changes everything. Will Cam be able to step out of his comfort zone and into the world he has only been able to envision in his mind? Will Everly trust this stranger with her life as well as her heart? Tune into JOY Radio to find out!

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