Why They Call It Falling by Christina Sinisi

Today’s guest, best-selling author Christina Sinisi, shares about her new release. Why They Call It Falling is not about depression, even though the main character Emma struggles with mental illness. This story is uplifting and offers hope and help, and Christina does this by bringing all the aspects of the human story into this exceptionalContinue reading “Why They Call It Falling by Christina Sinisi”

Short but sweet

“Dial E for Endearment is a short novella, but it packs so much story into the book! I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone looking for a Sweet Christian Romance book!” » Read the full blog post by Kendra Neal @ http://familymgrkendra.blogspot.com/2022/04/celebrate-lit-blog-tour-dial-e-for.html Be sure to read the entire Blogger Post to locate the giveaway link.Continue reading “Short but sweet”

A sweet story – Dial E for Endearment

“I could not put this one down. It’s a beautiful, light story, that shows real people with real struggles, but lifts you up in the process. I have always had eye issues, but nothing like Everly. Still, it was a nice connection. I hope you’ll leave a comment, and then enter the giveaway while you’reContinue reading “A sweet story – Dial E for Endearment”

5-star Rating for Dial E for Endearment

“The author has written a well planned, organized story. It has a sweet Christian inspiration message woven throughout it. Life lessons abound in this romance about two people with vulnerabilities. I highly recommend it.” » Read the full blog post by Nyla Kay Wilkerson @ https://abbasprayerwarriorprincess.com/2022/04/19/dial-e-for-endearment-book-tour-and-giveaway/ Be sure to read the entire Blogger Post toContinue reading “5-star Rating for Dial E for Endearment”

A chance meeting changes everything.

“I immediately loved the character of Everly, and by the end of the first chapter, I was cheering for her to find her happily-ever-after. Everly is legally blind, but the author doesn’t let us feel sorry for her.  We quickly discover the amazing way that Everly lives her life, but we also come to seeContinue reading “A chance meeting changes everything.”

Identifying with a character makes for a good read.

“I liked the biblical faith thread in the story and the growth the characters exhibited. I found the book to be well written and it kept me wanting to read.” » Read the full blog post by Becky Dempsey @ https://blossomsandblessings.blogspot.com/2022/04/dial-e-for-endearment-by-heidi-gray.html Be sure to read the entire Blogger Post to locate the giveaway link. OneContinue reading “Identifying with a character makes for a good read.”

Julie Highly Recommends Dial E for Endearment

“The storyline is engaging, the characters relateable, and the situations real to life. It’s a story of forgiveness, acceptance, love, and closure. I enjoyed seeing Everly’s Christian growth throughout the story. A glimpse of an impairment, but also a determination to be who God chose her to be.” » Read the full blog post byContinue reading “Julie Highly Recommends Dial E for Endearment”

Miriam calls Dial E a sensitive, joy-filled book

“Great world building! I highly recommend this book to all people who struggle to cope with life on its altered scale.” » Read the full blog post by Miriam Jacob @ https://miriamjacob.wordpress.com/2022/04/16/dial-e-for-endearment-heidi-gray-mcgill/ Be sure to read the entire Blogger Post to locate the giveaway link. One entry per person per Blog Post…giving you at least 20Continue reading “Miriam calls Dial E a sensitive, joy-filled book”

Homeschool Mom loves Dial E

“I love the mountains of North Carolina, and this book captures those feelings for me. I loved getting to know Everly Johnson, a blind radio show host, and Cameron Boyd. The supporting characters in this book including Everly’s best friends cause the storyline to grab my attention.  I also loved witnessing how their faith playsContinue reading “Homeschool Mom loves Dial E”

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