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Hiding important things in a safe place

Four things happened this week that made me stop and take a deep breath. One: Bob and I completed the paperwork for our updated wills to include Power of Attorney and Living Wills. Reading all the mumbo jumbo and seeing my name in every other sentence made me pause.  It certainly made me think aboutContinue reading “Hiding important things in a safe place”

PEBKAC can’t be fixed …

I’m technically challenged.  If something can go wrong, it will. If a file must be saved, it now floats somewhere in Cyberspace, never to be found. If everyone says, “It’s easy and only takes a few minutes,” well… One of the most intelligent, patient, and thoughtful women I know is a tech geek. I thinkContinue reading “PEBKAC can’t be fixed …”

Wash Your Hands

“Have you ever heard the phrase “To wash your hands of someone or something?” The phrase originated in biblical times and referred to Pontius Pilate. He performed the ritual of washing his hands before the crowd signifying his innocence of our Christ’s blood. (Matthew 27:24).” » Read full post by Heidi Gray McGill at

Through my eyes

You may know me as an author, but did you know I am also the retired Director of an ESL program, regularly walk 12 plus miles a week, care for my two grandsons, scrapbook, read voraciously, cook, and am legally blind?  That last phrase was tough for me to say out loud not that longContinue reading “Through my eyes”

Utterly Amazed

I love to travel, especially to foreign lands even though I speak no foreign language. I embrace the culture, the food, and even the inconveniences. My parents instilled this passion in me from an early age. We often hosted visiting missionaries and I would listen to their stories of God working in their lives andContinue reading “Utterly Amazed”