The inspiration behind Grammie in Desire of my Heart

When I created Serafina Brooks or Grammie, my mother’s heart immediately came to mind. I needed a character, a woman of God, who would share Christ more by example than words. Memories surfaced of my mother kneeling beside the living room sofa when I walked in the door from school, sitting at the kitchen tableContinue reading “The inspiration behind Grammie in Desire of my Heart”


Reviews do more than encourage authors, yet writing a review can be daunting. Many people prefer not to leave one because they may not feel they write well enough or know what to say. If you fall into that category…here’s a fun way to make it easy to write a review. » copyrighted by AuthorContinue reading “MAD LIB FUN: A FORMAT FOR BOOK REVIEWS”

Are you a Prime Member? Don’t miss this free book!!!

If you are like me and have the Kindle app on your phone, an eReader at the ready, and paperbacks stacked to look like a side table, Prime can help make room for more reading in your life.  As a Prime member, you can choose FOR FREE up to 10 titles at a time fromContinue reading “Are you a Prime Member? Don’t miss this free book!!!”

Facelessbook and Instagorgeous use filters for reality

My grandson, Avery, loves arts and crafts time. He comes by it naturally, not from me, but from his mother. Jordan does a marvelous job of providing opportunities to help nurture his growing mind, and she can create anything from nothing and make it look professional and appealing. If she had a Pinterest, other peopleContinue reading “Facelessbook and Instagorgeous use filters for reality”

Feeling the breath of God

The holidays are difficult for many–loved ones no longer around the table, broken relationships, family drama, even loneliness. It is easy to ask, “God, where are You?”  But what if God is the one doing the asking? “Heidi, where are You?” Psalm 34:18 tells us where God truly is:  God is near to the brokenhearted.Continue reading “Feeling the breath of God”

Hiding important things in a safe place

Four things happened this week that made me stop and take a deep breath. One: Bob and I completed the paperwork for our updated wills to include Power of Attorney and Living Wills. Reading all the mumbo jumbo and seeing my name in every other sentence made me pause.  It certainly made me think aboutContinue reading “Hiding important things in a safe place”

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