“My Christmas Find for 2020” by Amy Bovaird

“ … thought it would be fun to start a tradition of recommending a Christmas book each December. I stumbled upon this gem, “Desire of my Heart: A Shumard Oak Bend Novel by Heidi Gray McGill“» Read full post by blogger, Amy Bovaird @ https://amybovaird.com/christmas-book-review/ to enter to win a copy of this gem.

“My Point of View” by Paula Marie

“ … I was shocked to get such an amazing story from this first time author, and I am anxiously waiting for her next book to come out so I can spend time with these lovely characters once more! “ » Read full blog post by Fiction Full Of Faith blogger, Paula Marie @ http://fictionfulloffaith.com/my-point-of-view-for-desire-of-my-heart-by-heidi-gray-mcgill/

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